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The Alif Maqsura, or another form of the final Alif, is used when Alif cannot occur at the end of a word. It makes the same sound as Alif, and takes markings such as Hamza, like a regular Alif.


  • Alif Maqsura (ى) cannot be used at the beginning or middle of a word. In these cases, Alif (ا) would be present to identify the corresponding sounds.
  • Alif Maqsura cannot take another letter after it.
  • Alif Maqsura is commonly used for proper nouns, such as names. It is also used in some verbs, but rarely. Used with discretion concerning the language.

The third statement is not correct. All verbs derived from a ccY will have an alif on the shape of a ya' either in present,past tenses or the masdar (verbal noun). Dr.HS


  • Proper names like Musa (musaa' - موسى), or the Arabic equivalent for Moses take Alif Maqsura.
  • Also, some verbs take Alif Maqsura, like banaa': to build.

E.g موسى. عيسى ،verbs:طوى،،،وقى.