Arab-Israeli Conflict Through Stamps/Refugees

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The Palestinian refugees are a problem that has been an issue for the United Nations since the outbreak of war in May, 1948. It is not certain whether they were evicted by the Israeli forces or whether they left of their own free will after being coerced by the neighboring Arab countries. It is also unknown as to how many refugees there were.

When referring to Palestinian refugees, the United Nations created the United Nations Relief and Works Agency to handle the refugees. They also considered a Palestinian refugee as the people and their descendants, who fled or were expelled from their homes during and after the 1948 Independence War, yet no mention is made of Jews who were forced out of Arab countries.

Jordan was the only country that integrated Palestinian refugees into their society.

The UNRWA may be considered a sub-topic of the Refugees theme.


Country Depicting Issued Image
Algeria PLO Flag 25/11/82
Jordan Plight of the Refugees 10/12/69
Libya Palestine Children Day 10/12/82