AquaResp/Set up

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Equipment List[edit | edit source]

In order to do respirometry experiments using AquaResp, following equipment is needed

  1. PC (Recommended:1.5 GHz & >1GB RAM ) see AquaResp/Software
  2. A/D Converter USB-1208LS
    1. Converted: capacitor 680nF (Vishay 680nF (MKT 1817-468/065)
    2. Unconverted: nothing
  3. Relay box with 2 relaysa. 2x resistors 22kOhm/10W
    1. 2x varistors 14kOhm
    2. 2x electronic relays (Crydom AC relay, MP240D3)
  4. Wires
  5. Measurement device with analog output or COM port output

A/D Converter[edit | edit source]

If flush/recirculation control through AquaResp is wanted, a relay needs to be connected to two of the digital ports of the USB-1208LS. Port A0 and B0 is recommended for ease of use in VBA. Further you can add up to 4 analog ports that AquaResp can read.