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Hello - thank you for showing an interest in this project.

If you are a teacher of AQA Applied Science L3Cert (Applied General), you've probably noticed that there's no text book in the offing.

So - let's make our own - if we can write a couple of pages each, we can get it done.

How can you join in?[edit | edit source]

Register a Wikibooks Account - look top right.

Go to the Contents page for this book.

Click on 'edit' and add your name as author to a page.

Save the page (publish it).

Click on the link for the page you have said that you will write.

Edit it - I've put a basic template in. Have a look at a completed page for an example.

(1. If you think there's too much content for one page - split it... or ask me to.)

(2. If you mangle up the template, I've put a spare one here - just copy and paste it.)

(3. It took me a couple of days to work out how to edit a Wikibook... I'll write some pointers here.)