Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney/Controls

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This game can be played entirely with the Stylus if you choose to do so, however you can also play by using the buttons on the DS. When using the stylus, you simply point to the appropriate button on the screen to accomplish what you want. In this game you can't use the buttons at certain moments, so you only have to rely on the Touch Screen.

Control Action
Start Save the game during the middle of the chapter
A Confirmation/Advance one screen
B Cancel/Go back one screen
Y Activate the microphone. When you are able to complete an action via the voice command, a small "Y" will appear.
Hold Y Receive phrase that you can say./Zoom in when checking objects.
X Present evidence from within the Court Record during Court Mode. Enabled when the ‘Present’ command is in the top-middle of the screen.
Hold X Zoom out when checking objects.
L Press witnesses for further information during Cross-Examinations. It is equivalent to holding Y and saying "Hold It."
R View the Court Record in most situations, and Present evidence from the Court Record during Cross-Examinations.