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This page is simply a list of links to topics that could (and perhaps should) become part of this wikibook, but they have yet to be started. A "module" is simply a "page" in a wikibook. Modules can be very short or quite lengthy. Every module also has its own discussion page, where you may add comments, criticisms or other supplemental content. Groups of modules can also be nested hierarchically as appropriate to help with the organization of the text.

Anyone can add topics to this list. Just click the "edit this page" tab and add your own "wanted module" to this page. Try to follow the convention you will find on the edit page of putting topics in double brackets and prefacing them with the word Announcing and a slash. This will help keep the "red links" internal to this wikibook. The wiki software automatically puts links to pages that have yet to be created in a red font. If any of the links below are blue instead of red, someone has started working on that page, and the link should be moved from this page to the Table of Contents page.

Note that this page doesn't have to be kept in any particular order, although you should feel free to help organize the topics if you like.

Wanted Modules: General[edit | edit source]

Wanted Modules: Disc Jockeying[edit | edit source]

Wanted Modules: Sports Announcing[edit | edit source]