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Annotations[edit | edit source]

018.05 proves by algebra       This is explained more fully on 028.18, within context.

We have grown out of Wilde and paradoxes     Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Chapter Two: "The few words that Basil's friend [Lord Henry Wotton] had said to him—words spoken by chance, no doubt, and with wilful paradox in them...."

018.16 Elsinore       The castle in Shakespeare's Hamlet. The italicized line is a quote from act 1 scene 4, line 77, in which Horatio describes the way the cliff hangs over its base.[1]

018.33 The Ballad of Joking Jesus       The song inscribed in the text is a modified form of the poem The Song of the Cheerful (but slightly Sarcastic) Jesus by Oliver St. John Gogarty.[2] Joyce uses it as a continued satirical comment on the Catholic church by having Mulligan sing, who has taken on the voice of the maudlin priest in this mass. Dedalus refers to it as a prayer on 019.23, saying that he has heard the joke three times daily, after meals.

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