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Blumenlied     (German) Flower Song.[1] Among the hundreds of songs with this title, the most famous are settings of the poem Du Bist wie eine Blume (You Are Like a Flower) by Heinrich Heine.[2] The poem first appeared in 1825 in Heine's collection Das Buch der Lieder (The Book of Songs). The most celebrated setting was made by Schumann in 1840 in his song cycle Myrthen (Myrtles), Op. 25.[3] The poem has also been set to music by Franz Liszt and Hugo Wolf.

One of Heine's best known poems is Die Lorelei, which tells of a siren-like creature on the Rhine who lures sailors to their deaths with her beauty and her singing.

The name     The German Blumenlied (Flower Song) is a play on Bloom.

Playing it slow     Schumann's Du Bist wie eine Blume has the tempo marking Langsam (Slow).


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