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Annotations[edit | edit source]

Omnis caro ad te veniet     (Latin) All flesh shall come unto thee.[1] See 047.26-27.

omnipotentiam deiparae supplicem     (Latin) a suppliant almightiness of the Mother of God, or an almightiness of petition of the Mother of God.[2] Omnipotentia supplex (the all-powerful suppliant) is an honorific title bestowed on the Virgin Mary. Saint Bernardino of Siena said of her: Mary has the keys of the divine treasury, so that she can distribute to whom she wills and as much as she wills, the grace of the Holy Spirit.[3] The same point is made in the popular prayer Memorare, which is often attributed to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, but Stephen's phrase has not been found in any genuine work by Saint Bernard.

References[edit | edit source]

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Annotations to James Joyce's Ulysses
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