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éclat     (French) brilliance of success. As a naturalized English word, éclat is often left unitalicized.

Messrs Jacob agus Jacob     (Irish) agus is the Irish for and. W. & R. Jacob & Company, Limited was a company of biscuit manufacturers that began life as a home bakery in Waterford in 1850, expanding to Dublin two years later. The company was formally established in 1885. The Jacobs were a Quaker family.

Messrs is a plural form of Mr, derived from the French messieurs. It is chiefly used in commerce.

Visszontlátásra, kedvés barátom! Visszontlátásra     (Hungarian) Goodbye, my dear friend! Goodbye![1] The correct form is: Viszontlátásra, kedves barátom! Viszontlátásra!


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Annotations to James Joyce's Ulysses
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