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Acid. nit. hydrochlor dil, 20 minims     (Latin) Acidum nitro-hydrocloricum dilutum (Dilute nitro-hydrocloric acid, 20 drops).[1] A minim is a unit of liquid measure approximately equivalent to the volume of a drop of water. Nitro-hydrochloric acid is also known as aqua regia.

Tinct. mix. vom, 5 minims     (Latin) Tinctura nucis vomicae (Tincture of nux vomica, 5 drops).[2] Gabler emends Joyce's mix. vom to nux vom., which makes sense. Tincture of nux vomica is a stimulant prepared from the Strychnine tree.

Extr. taraxel. lig. 30 minims.     (Latin) Extractum taraxaci liquidum (Liquid extract of dandelion, 30 drops).[3] Gabler emends Joyce's lig. to liq. The Latin for dandelion is taraxacum, so it is possible that Joyce's taraxel. has been corrupted. This liquid extract is prepared from the dried dandelion root; it is prescribed as a stomachic and liver stimulant, often with diluted nitro-hydrochloric acid and tincture of nux vomica.[4]

Aq. dis. ter in die.     (Latin) Aqua distillata ter in die (Distilled water three times a day).[5]


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