Annotated Republic of China Laws/Red Cross Society Act of the Republic of China/Article 12

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Red Cross Society Act of the Republic of China
Republic of China (Taiwan) Law
Article 12
Minor Chinese change has little effect to English translation.

First promulgated on 1954-10-18[edit | edit source]

(From retrieved on 2015-12-13)

Article 12
In the headquarters of the Red Cross Society of the Republic of China shall be set a board of supervisors to audit the revenue and expenditure accounts of the Red Cross Society and inspect the implementation of business; in this board shall be set nine (9) supervisors, and among them three (3) are full-time supervisors assumed by the governors of the authorities in charge of finance, accounting, and auditing designated by the government, and six (6) are elected by the national member representative’s congress. And three (3) standing supervisors shall be elected by and from the supervisors to organize a board of standing supervisors to handle routine affairs. The full-time supervisors shall be appointed and recalled by the government; the tenure of elected supervisors is four (4) years, and an elected supervisor may be reappointed if he is elected again upon expiration of the tenure.

Promulgated amendment on 2000-04-26[edit | edit source]

Article 12

(May be considered unchanged in English)