Annotated Republic of China Laws/ROC Office of the President Organization Act

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Republic of China Office of the President Organization Act
Republic of China Law from Mainland era to Taiwan

History[edit | edit source]


  1. The original text of 29 articles was enacted and promulgated by the Nationalist Government on May 1, 1948, and entered into force on May 20 of the same year.
  2. Full text of 19 articles amended and promulgated per January 24, 1996 Presidential Order No. (85)-Hua-Zong-8500020890[2]
  3. Article 3 amended per March 21, 2007 Presidential Order No. (96)-Hua-Zong-I-Yi-09600034581
  4. Article 14-1 added and Article 15 amended per September 1, 2010 Presidential Order No. (99)-Hua-Zong-I-Yi-09900224411

Annotated by Wikibooks[edit | edit source]

  1. "The ROC Office of the President Organization Act: Legislative History". Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China. Ministry of Justice (Taiwan). 2016-09-14. Retrieved 2016-11-25.
  2. This complete amendment is in a separate page, and later partial amendments are in other separate pages per articles.