Annotated Republic of China Laws/Penal Act of Offenses Against National Currency/Article 1

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Penal Act of Offenses Against National Currency
Republic of China Law from Mainland Era to Taiwan
Article 1

Promulgated full amendment on 1943-10-18[edit | edit source]

Promulgated amendment on 1973-09-04[edit | edit source]

Article 1[1]
In this Act,“national currency”means notes or coins issued by the Central Government or its authorized agency in the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
The provisions of this Act apply to those notes and coins issued by the above-described agency before the promulgation of this Act.
Whoever, with intent to gain, smuggles silver, gold or any kind of new or old coins, shall be imprisoned for life or at least 5 years; in addition thereto, a fine of up to five times of the nominal or market value of the coins may be imposed.
Whoever, with intent to gain, destroys any kind of new or old coins and smuggles them, shall be subject to the same penalties.
An attempt to commit an offence specified in one of the two preceding paragraphs is also punishable.

Annotated by Wikibooks[edit | edit source]

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