Annotated Republic of China Laws/Copyright Act/Article 90-6

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Copyright Act
Republic of China (Taiwan) Law
Article 90-6

Newly adopted and promulgated on 2009-05-13[edit | edit source]

Article 90-6[1]
A caching service provider shall not be liable for damages for infringement of the copyright or plate rights of another by a user of its service if—
1. the service provider does not make any modification to the cached information;
2. when the person who made the original information available subsequently update, deletes, or blocks access to it, the cached information is done in the same way as a result of an automatic technical process; and
3. the service provider responds expeditiously to remove, or disable access to, the allegedly infringing content or related information upon notification by a copyright holder or plate rights holder of the alleged infringement by the user of the service provider.

Annotated by Wikibooks[edit | edit source]

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