Animating Weapons for Counter-Strike Source/Setting up the Camera

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Please save the scene periodically.

  • Open css-lr300-rig.exp.
  • Go to File>Save as.
  • Save it as css-lr300-idle.exp
  • Maximize the User viewport.
  • The camera is hidden in the scene. To unhide it, open the Scene Explorer. (You should know how to do this by now.)
  • Select Camera_Root and press H.
  • Expand Camera_Root and press H on Camera and Camera_Interest.
  • Select Camera and press Shift+Ctrl+R. This will produce the same effect as clicking Transform and clicking Reset All Transforms.
  • Select Camera_Root and Camera_Interest and reset all of their transforms.
  • Select Camera_Interest and translate it arbitrarily across the positive Z axis.
  • Double click Camera in the Scene Explorer.
  • Under Projection, click Perspective.
  • Under Field of View change the Angle value to 75.
  • Set the starting frame to zero in the scene. Look at the bottom of the screen for a bunch of vertical lines with numbers at certain intervals. Click anywhere on it and drag it all the way to the left. This will set the current frame to number one using the red marker. Near the left you should see the number 1. Change this to the number 0. Now drag the red marker to frame zero.
  • Open the Scene Explorer.
  • Right click Camera_Root
  • Open the scene's schematic view by pressing 9.
  • Find the camera that is selected. It should be white with two gray rectangles underneath it.
  • Hold SHIFT and drag a rectangle around the three rectangles.
  • Close the schematic view.
  • Press the following key sequence: VKCK.
    • V is a shortcut for accessing object(s) translation. Its equivalent is pressing the letter t under the Transform panel on the right hand side of the screen.
    • K is a shortcut to set a key for object(s). Its equivalent is pressing the button that looks like a key on the bottom right of the screen.
    • C is a shortcut for accessing object(s) rotation. Its equivalent is pressing the letter r under the Transform panel on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Press the ESCAPE key.
  • Press H to hide the camera and its children.
  • To view the camera, change any viewport to Cameras>Camera. To access Cameras>Camera, click the colored bar at the top of the viewport.
  • If you accidentally move the camera, just move the frame marker around and it will reset back to its position.
  • Save the scene. Now you should be able to change any viewport to whatever you want it to be.
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