Animal Care/Snail shells with D shaped openings

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Hermit crabs that usually prefer shells with "D" shaped openings:

  • Equadorian/Pacific hermit crabs or "Es" (coenobita compressus)
  • Cavipe hermit crabs or "Cavs" (coenobita )

As pets they tend to give preference to particular snail (class Gastropoda, phylum Mollusca) shells (Picture2  links may contain pictures of shells that have been misidentified; not all shells at the "common names" links may be appropriate for hermit crabs):

  • Spotted Babylon (Babylonia areolata) - Regions: SE Asia, Philippines, Formosa, China - Picture - Picture2
  • Formosan Ivory Babylon (Babylonia formosae) - Regions: Formosa, Taiwan - Picture - Picture2
  • Japanese Babylon (Babylonia japonica) - Regions: Korea, Japan, Taiwan - Picture - Picture2
  • Lutose Babylon (Babylonia lutosa) - Regions: Japan, Sri Lanka - Picture - Picture2
  • Spiral Babylon (Babylonia spirata) - Regions: Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan - Picture - Picture2