Animal Care/Emergencies

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An animal emergency is always a possibility for pet owners. You should provide proper veterinary care for your animal in order to avoid medical emergencies. Before you obtain a new animal you should find a veterinarian in your area. If you own an exotic animal, it is important to find a vet which specializes in the species you own. In case of a medical emergency you should know the phone number and location of the closest animal hospital, these places can provide emergency care for pets at any hour. They are generally more expensive than a routine vet visit, so it is better to provide a routine checkup for your pet than to wait for a serious problem.

Many emergencies can be avoided by educating yourself on the kind of animal you are caring for. Some animals can be poisoned by certain houseplants or foods that are commonplace in the house. Others can suffer from heatstroke during summertime weather. By learning about the problems your pet can have, you may avoid serious medical bills and the possibility of death.