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While Wikibooks offers somewhat clearer opportunities for "authorship" than Wikipedia, there remains the fact that anything put here is really a contribution. Content is thus developed by contributors rather than authors. If you are interested in developing a particular subject as part of this textbook, please add your material to an existing chapter or start a new page and fit it into the book's structure. The chapter arrangement can be fine-tuned at a later time.

  • Robert Huber is a biologist at Bowling Green State University. This book started as an online, html-based, modular textbook in 1998. This material was transferred into the Wikibook to start things off. Since then content continues to develop for use in a college course in Animal Behavior.
  • C. Jackson. Contributed to the Nature vs. Nurture section.
  • C. Nordal. Contributed to the Sensory Memory section.
  • G. Grecco. Contributed to the Curare section.
  • S. Laing. Contributed to the Epigenetics section.
  • R. Goldsmith. Contributed to Pituitary Gland, Oxytocin sections.
  • ... (add your name and contribution)
  • Case Studies were contributed by ... (add your name if you have contributed a case study, research summary, or example)
  • Wikibook contributors (see individual page histories)
  • Wikipedia contributors

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