Ancient Meitei/Introduction

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Ancient Meitei, also known as Old Manipuri, was the earliest ancestor of the Modern Meitei. It was the national language of Ancient Kangleipak (Antique Manipur). According to general consensus of scholars, the earliest existence of Ancient Meitei is dated back to the reign of King Tangja Leela Pakhangba (1445 BC- 1405 BC) of Ancient Kangleipak.

Ancient Kangleipak (Antique Manipur) has been at the crossroads of various economic and cultural exchanges for more than 2,500 years in the Asian continent. It connected the Indian subcontinent in particular and Central Asia in general to the realms of Southeast Asia, East Asia, Siberia, regions in the Arctic, Micronesia and Polynesia. Such strategic location of the realm enabled migration of people, cultures and religions, thereby getting the opportunity to influence the culture of the Ancient Meitei people to others.