Among Us/Running Games

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If you plan to play Among Us with your friends, you need to know how to run games of Among Us. If you wish to host an online game, click the 'Online' button on the homescreen, then click the 'Create Game' button. After that, you can configure what region server you want (choose the one closest to you), and configure information like the map, number of Imposters, and maximum players. To host a local game, the process is similar; instead of clicking the 'Online' button, click the 'Local' button.

Once you create a game, you will join a lobby, where, if you use the laptop in the lobby, you can customize more things, like whether visual effects for tasks is enabled. Once enough people join the game, you can start it by pressing the triangle shaped Start button. After you do all this, you should have a game of Among Us!

Kicking and Banning Players[edit | edit source]

What happens if someone is misbehaving in your game, perhaps saying or doing obscene things? Well, Among Us has tools to deal with those things. While in the lobby, you can kick a player by going into the chat and clicking on the boot. From there it should be obvious what to do, but if you do not know, you should click on their name, then click 'KICK.' This player can still rejoin, though. To kick them out permanently, click 'ban.'