America's Army: Special Forces/Weapons Cache SE Tactics

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Defense Tactics

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Guarding Primary Weapons Cache. You set a man next to the cache guarding the North Stairwell. Have a guy in the elevator shaft or vent. Get a guy laying down by the boxes towards south stairwell guarding that. Primary cache is basically impossible to take with the proper way.


Assault Tactics

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Rushing North on Assault:

First of all, this is best done (or only done) when you're on Fireteam B, and much better done when you have teammates backing you up. Most people avoid the north entrance like the plague, simply because of the OPFOR nades, but they don't realize the assault can always get there slightly faster than the defense. That time is crucial.

As soon as the game starts, sprint towards the north entrance. Once you're in, grab a nade and start cooking it. Once you turn the corner, throw the nade down the hall. The time for you to run down the hallway should be around 3-4 seconds, and if there's any OPFOR down the hall, they should be taken out by your nade. Now, if there was no one shooting at you from the boxes, you can just throw a 2nd nade down into the left garage/warehouse, and take out any camper waiting for you in that doorway (the one that leads to the 2nd cache).

You now have 3 options, 1) go into the elevator, up the ladder, into the vents, and grab primary, 2) enter the left hallway/garage, through the door, turn right into the main warehouse and grab secondary, 3) enter the door near the elevators into another warehouse.

Usually, for the first time, I would toss a flashbang into the top vents, and go up the ladder, because the OPFOR hasn't caught on yet. This is a very deadly route, mainly because you can flank the OPFOR from behind and/or grab prim. You can also take out any def camper/idle players.

The 2nd time, I would enter the left garage, and help take out any campers in the garage (make sure your gamma is turned on really high or use night vision goggles, because it can get pretty dark, especially by the crates the def likes to camp).

If your team is trying to enter S/R or South entrance, and they can't get through, go with the 3rd option, enter the west courtyard, and attack the def from behind.

Use of OPFOR Weapons

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The weapons used by OPFOR on WCSE are your basic OPFOR weapons you see in most non-SF maps, but on this level they can be used to a greater extent. When you are the last (or close to last) player on your team it is often very useful to pick up an AK74 or RPK because of a few reasons.

  1. AK & RPK bullets ricochet and bounce more off the walls and obstacles in this level more than others
  2. When the last player (or group) using these weapons will not draw enemy fire, they may attract greedy enemies, when they hear friendly fire, because they want a piece of the action, or just some kills, so they will walk in un-suspecting.
  3. When fighting in vents or close spaces, OPFOR weapons will not throw bullets as your own would (your M4 looks and acts like an AK), as to not give away that your are an enemy
  4. If you poke your barrel through a window (why ever would you?) it will appear to be a friendly weapon.
  5. Using the enemies RPK (not sure what's it called) will not appear to be a big white sign going *Hey! I'm Evil and I'm Shooting at you! ! ! ! *

Thanks ~Mouse

In WC SE the Assault has more ways to get inside the building.