America's Army: Special Forces/RPG-7 Rocket Launcher

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With the RPG, stay away from walls. The rockets will have a higher probability of flying straight if your back is near an open space (not proven.) Also, make sure your rear is clear before firing the rocket. The back blast is deadly.

Currently, 20% of all rockets will be misfires.

The blast of the RPG is huge and will kill everybody near it. Use it only when you can be sure to only hit enemies. It will cause injury within about 10 feet of it, with the occasional 100 foot blast(bug).

The RPG is the IF's way to destroy the Blackhawk in CSAR. This is your primary objective with this weapon.

Do not blind fire with the RPG. It will almost surely team kill.

If you know someone is in a room but cannot see the person, shoot a wall that the blast will be angled into the room.


Edit: The misfire rate has been adjusted to 10% as of version 2.1