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People Side[edit | edit source]

Non-nation centric forms an important characteristic of the proposal that EOS presents. Instead of nations, EOS argues that culture and language form important attributes and thus proposes a system based on networks of communities of about 200 people in each. Each community would link up with a number of others to form an urbanate of about 10 000 people. An urbanate forms the proposed replacement for cities and forms a building block for the government of the people side.

EOS recommends a direct democracy for administration of the people aspects of an urnbante. In such a system, the people would elect a governing body of representatives that would suggest laws. The people would then vote the laws in or out. If a sufficient group of people wish to change an established law then they can place that before the governing council.

Direct democracy fors a suggestion. Urbanates could implement other forms of government for people aspects as they wish. However, each urbanate must maintain a set common ground; such as basic human rights and the right to move from urbanate to urbanate. In addition, no governing council could interfere with technical aspects of society. So, for example, a governing council could decide on what TV programs to show but not the design of the equipment.

Urbanates with similar cultures or languages could join together if they so wished and form a confederacy. A confederacy would operate as if it were a single urbanate but each composing urbanate would have the right to leave as it wished.