Algebra/Arithmetic/Multiplication Problems

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There are three types of multiplication word problems:

  1. Repeated Addition
  2. Cartesian Multiplication
  3. Multiplicative Comparison Problems - This type of problem might look like a repeated addition or Cartesian multiplication problem, but you are missing part of the problem. If you know one number and a multiplier this is called a "Product Unknown Comparison Problem". If you know the product and the multiplier, but not the original set this is called a "Set Size Unknown problem", and finally if you are given the size of two sets, one of which is a multiple of the other than this is a "Multiplier Unknown" problem

1 In each box of chocolates, there are nine chocolates. How many chocolates are there in three boxes?

2 A motel has rooms that can hold a maximum of 3 people per room. On a certain day, there are 33 people in the hotel. How many rooms are occupied?

Multiplicative Comparison Problems:
Multiplier Unknown Comparison Problem:

3 Mary is collecting bottles to return for deposit. There are 24 bottles in a case. This month she has collected 3 cases of bottles. How many bottles has she collected?

Product Unknown Comparison Problem:

4 If the deposit on each bottle is 5 cents, how much money will Mary collect for her 3 cases of bottles?

Set Size Unknown Comparison Problem:

5 Mary's younger brother also collected bottles. He received $2.40 for the bottles he collected. How many cases did he collect?