Algebra/Arithmetic/Addition Problems

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1 Tony and Aaron's aunt came to visit. She gave each of the boys 25 marbles. Tony won 12 marbles from Aaron during the visit. How many marbles did Tony have after they played?

2 Tony and Aaron go to the park. They can see 17 turtles sunning themselves on an island in the middle of a pond around the lake. As Tony and Aaron circle the lake to count the turtles they hear 24 plops as they scare more turtles from the shore. How many turtles do Tony and Aaron know live in the lake?

3 Tony's teacher is grading the math tests for his class. He has graded 16 math tests, and has 11 more to grade. How many students are there in Tony's math class?

4 Tony and Aaron live 3 miles from the park. Today their mom said she will drive 2 miles away from the park to pick up their friend Luke. How many miles does Tony and Aaron's mom have to drive to take the boys to the park?

In addition to these word problems which use integers, you will need to recall principles of adding decimals, fractions, and negative numbers. See if you can answer these questions; if not, you may wish to review how to perform these addition operations: