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Albanian alphabet
Letter IPA Aproximate English Pronunciation Albanian Example
A a [a] like "a" in "bar" ari, "bear"
B b [b] like "b" in "bat" bora., "snow"
C c [ʦ] like "ts" in "hats" cipë, "membrane"
Ç ç [ʧ] like "ch" in "check" çandër, "prop"
D d [d] like "d" in "day" ditë, "day"
Dh dh [ð] like "th" in "that" dhemb, "tooth"
E e [e] like "e" in "bet" ethe, "fever"
Ë ë [ə] or silent a shwa sound, like the syllable "uh" ëmbël, "sweet", silent in the end where the hiatus lengthens the preceding vowel
F f [f] like "f" in "far" fyell, "flute"
G g [g] like "g" in "go" gur, "stone"
Gj gj [ɟ] no equivalent sound in English, but somewhat like the "gu" in "figure" gjashtë, "six"
H h [h] or [x] like "h" in "huge" hënë, "moon"
I i [i] like "ea" in "bead" imja, "mine"
J j [j] like "y" in yes" jetë, "life"
K k [k] like "k" in "skin" këlysh, "puppy"
L l [ʎ] like "l" in "lake" lule, "flower"
LL ll [l] or [ɫ] dark l sound, like "ll" in "full" llapa, "tongue" (for animals)
M m [m] like "m" in "mother" mëmë, "mother"
N n [n] like "n" in "night" ne, "we"
Nj nj [ɲ] no English equivalent, but somewhat like "n" in "new" njeri, "human"
O o [ɔ] like "o" in "not" ose, "or"
P p [p] like "p" in "spin" pse, "why"
Q q [c] no English equivalent, but somewhat like "cu" in "cute" qesh, "to laugh"
R r [ɾ] like "r" in "right" re, "cloud", tre "three", dru "wood"
Rr rr [r] no English equivalent, trilled r rreth, "circle"
S s [s] like "s" "soup" sorrë, "crow"
Sh sh [ʃ] like "sh" in "ship" shoh, "see"
T t [t] like "t" in "stump" tre, "three"
Th th [θ] like "th" in "think" thoi, "nail"
U u [u] like "oo" in "book" urë, "bridge"
V v [v] like "v" in "veteran" valë, "wave"
X x [d͡z] no English equivalent, liked voiced "zz" in pizza xixë, "sparkle"
Xh xh [d͡ʒ] like "j" in "jungle" xhiro, "lap, race"
Y y [y] No English equivalent, but somewhat like "ew" in "new" yll, "star"
Z z [z] like "z" in "zoo" zulmë, "glory"
Zh zh [ʒ] like "si" in "vision" zhyt, "to dive"