Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Vocational/Visual Media Critique

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Visual Media Critique
North American Division
Skill Level 2
Year of Introduction: 2016

1. As a group, create a list of the various types of visual media. Then participate in an in-depth discussion on how varying types of media can be used to spread the gospel of Christ. Present a summary of your discussion to a different group, or share your conclusions online.[edit | edit source]

2. Read Patriarchs and Prophets, chapter 41, The Apostasy at Jordan, the two paragraphs beginning with “Keep thy heart with all diligence …”. Discuss how this relates to visual media consumption and how your senses and your awareness of the surroundings are impacted.[edit | edit source]

3. Compare and contrast the various ratings systems for video games, movies, and television programs with the guidance provided in Philippians 4:8.[edit | edit source]

4. Discuss the importance of parental involvement in the selection of media.[edit | edit source]

5. Discuss the impact violence in visual media plays in shaping society and its expectations.[edit | edit source]

6. Follow the current news for three days and evaluate the sources and accuracy of what has been reported. Evaluate on a scale of one to five where each report falls, with one representing pure entertainment and five representing strictly informational news. Prepare and present your findings to your group.[edit | edit source]

7. Search the writings of Ellen White for counsel on the wise use of time. Select and read a passage discovered during your search.[edit | edit source]

8. Keep a detailed record of the amount of time and types of all visual media you consume during a four-day period. Include the following data in your records:[edit | edit source]

a. Time spent viewing[edit | edit source]

b. Media rating and rating organization (if available)[edit | edit source]

c. The plot or theme[edit | edit source]

d. Purity of content vs sexual and/or violent themes[edit | edit source]

e. The message that was presented by the media[edit | edit source]

Prepare a graph or chart illustrating your findings. What changes, if any, do you need to make to your viewing habits? Evaluate how being a Christian should affect your use of media. Be detailed and honest, taking into account what you have experienced in this honor. Share your evaluation in a letter, report, or journal with a trusted friend or leader.[edit | edit source]

9. View a media presentation with your family. After the viewing, interview your family members using the following questions:[edit | edit source]

a. Did you find the presentation entertaining?[edit | edit source]

b. Did you learn anything valuable?[edit | edit source]

c. Would you watch the presentation again? Why or why not?[edit | edit source]

d. Did you feel your time was well spent in watching the media?[edit | edit source]

10. Create a speech, presentation, or game that shows what you have learned about the critique of visual media while earning this honor. Share this presentation with a group.[edit | edit source]

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