Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Vocational/Forestry - Advanced

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Forestry - Advanced
North American Division
Skill Level 3
Year of Introduction: 2009

1. Prerequisites: AY Tree Honor; Forestry Honor.[edit | edit source]

Instructions and tips for earning the Trees honor can be found in the Nature chapter.

Instructions and tips for earning the Forestry honor can be found in the Vocational chapter.

2. Define the following terms[edit | edit source]

a. basal area.[edit | edit source]

b. bole[edit | edit source]

c. DBH (diameter)[edit | edit source]

d. Seed tree cut[edit | edit source]

e. selective cutting[edit | edit source]

f. shelterwood cut[edit | edit source]

g. silviculture[edit | edit source]

h. canopy[edit | edit source]

i. crown[edit | edit source]

j. pulpwood[edit | edit source]

k.succession[edit | edit source]

l. thinning[edit | edit source]

m. rotation[edit | edit source]

n. sawtimber[edit | edit source]

o. climax forest[edit | edit source]

p. habitat[edit | edit source]

3. Study five tree species important to forestry in your area and give the following information about each: a. common and scientific name b. range of tree c. height and diameter of tree at maturity d. economic importance of tree e. important pests (insects, disease, etc.) of the tree f. habitat of tree, forest zone, and elevation g. common age of rotation (harvesting) for various uses[edit | edit source]

4. What methods are used to insure reforestation of a harvest area?[edit | edit source]

5. On a map of your country, draw the forest areas and indicate the types of forest in each area.[edit | edit source]

6. Write a short report (250 words or more) on the importance of the forests in your country. Include such topics as the importance of wood for timber, paper (pulp), and firewood; wildlife habitat; livestock grazing; good water quality; and recreation for people.[edit | edit source]

7. Tour one of the following, or write a report with diagrams about operations.[edit | edit source]

a. Sawmill[edit | edit source]

b. Pulp mill[edit | edit source]

c. Furniture factory[edit | edit source]

8. Do a forest survey in a typical forest for your area. Using a prism, mark all trees large enough to be counted “in”, and record the following data for each “in” tree, and record the basal area by species for the whole plot[edit | edit source]

a. common and scientific name[edit | edit source]

b. DBH[edit | edit source]

c. Height[edit | edit source]

d. Age (determined by increment borer)[edit | edit source]

9. Participate in a reforestation project[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]