Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Wind Surfing

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Wind Surfing
General Conference
Skill Level 2 Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: 1986

1. Have the Intermediate Swimming Honor.[edit | edit source]

Instructions and tips for earning the Swimming - Intermediate honor can be found in the Recreation chapter.

2. Learn the meaning of the following terms[edit | edit source]

a. Across the wind[edit | edit source]

b. Backhand[edit | edit source]

c. Basic starting position[edit | edit source]

d. Beginner's checklist[edit | edit source]

e. Board control[edit | edit source]

f. Centerboard[edit | edit source]

g. Center line[edit | edit source]

h. Center plane[edit | edit source]

i. Clew[edit | edit source]

j. Forward[edit | edit source]

k. Forward hand[edit | edit source]

l. In[edit | edit source]

m. Jibe[edit | edit source]

n. Mast position[edit | edit source]

o. Out[edit | edit source]

p. Points of the clock[edit | edit source]

q. Sail trim[edit | edit source]

r. Self rescue[edit | edit source]

s. Scissor technique[edit | edit source]

t. Tack[edit | edit source]

u. Uphaul[edit | edit source]

v. Visual reference point[edit | edit source]

3. Know the names of the board parts and demonstrate how to rig your own sail.[edit | edit source]

4. Explain the basics of sailing theory.[edit | edit source]

5. Define and demonstrate the basic starting position.[edit | edit source]

6. Define and demonstrate the four steps to tacking.[edit | edit source]

7. Define and demonstrate the four steps to jibing.[edit | edit source]

8. List the seven starting sequence steps used to start a sailboard moving through the water.[edit | edit source]

9. Answer the following questions about safety[edit | edit source]

a. What safety equipment should be worn while wind surfing?[edit | edit source]

b. Why is it important to know the local weather forecast before going out on the water?[edit | edit source]

c. When first learning to windsurf, why is it important to be in an enclosed or protected area?[edit | edit source]

d. What are the hand signals for "Everything is okay" and "I need help"?[edit | edit source]

10. How should the sail and sailboard be cared for to keep them in good working order?[edit | edit source]

11. Successfully sail a sailboard to a visual point of reference and return to the starting position.[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]