Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Recreation/Tree Climbing

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Tree Climbing
South Pacific Division/Island Ed.
Skill Level Unknown Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: Unknown

1. Practice your tree climbing skills a number of times on a 10-15 foot tree.[edit | edit source]

2. Climb a 20-foot coconut tree. Demonstrate the manner of getting back down to the ground safely.[edit | edit source]

3. a. Climb a tree using any one of four common methods.[edit | edit source]

3. b. Describe the other methods in detail to the instructor.[edit | edit source]

4. The instructor should select trees suitable for climbing; one with lots of branches, the other a coconut tree. Each person must demonstrate on each of the two trees on how to apply the two methods of tree climbing (squat hopping and monkey type.)[edit | edit source]

5. Demonstrate how you would safely carry a bush knife and an axe up a tree.[edit | edit source]

6. a.Climb a coconut tree demonstrating how you would carry a bag.[edit | edit source]

6. b. Remove a coconut without using a knife or sharp instrument using only your limbs and return to the ground with it in your bag.[edit | edit source]

7. Know how to remove an injured person from a tree.[edit | edit source]

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