Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Quilt/Types

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Block Quilts[edit]

Block quilt

Block quilts are made by piecing rectangular (usually square) blocks of cloth together. This forms a regular pattern. The blocks may be decorated with fabric paint, appliqués, or other methods. They can be made from cloth with a single solid color or from prints.

Crazy Quilts[edit]

Crazy quilt

This art form was developed in United States during the 1880's when it created quite a stir. Crazy quilting does not actually refer to a specific kind of quilting (the needlework which binds two or more layers of fabric together), but a specific kind of patchwork. Crazy quilts rarely have the internal layer of batting that is part of what defines quilting as a textile technique.

Regular patchwork combines the pieces of fabric into a predetermined and regular design, but crazy patchwork uses irregular pieces of fabric on a foundation fabric or paper. This may create haphazard-looking and asymmetrical designs, or the designer may use some control in placement. The patches and seams are then usually heavily embellished.

Medallion Quilts[edit]

Medallion quilt

A medallion quilt starts with a center motif and is then surrounded by multiple boarders. The center is often a large square or star.

Pictorial Quilts[edit]

Pictorial quilt

Pictorial Quilts are planned much like a painting. The artist would plan the colors and patterns of each part or item represented in the "picture" before beginning. Each piece would be cut carefully and then be stitched onto the quilt top to form the picture. Great care must be taken in piecing items in order (for example: for a nature scene, items in the foreground of the picture should be stitched on last.