Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Soap Craft (South Pacific Division)

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Soap Craft (South Pacific Division)
Arts and Crafts
South Pacific Division
Skill Level 1 Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: 1964

1. What is soap and how is it made?[edit]

Soap is a natural fatty substance which has been reacted /mixed with lye.

2a. What "alkali metal" is used in soap?[edit]

2b. In what way does it affect the soap texture?[edit]

3. What is the fatty acid?[edit]

4a What is a detergent?[edit]

A detergent is any type of cleaner which doesn't contain / have soap as its main ingredient.

4b What is its relation to soap?[edit]

4c. Relate the advantages of a detergent and the disadvantages of soap.[edit]

5a Name some of the cleaning aids added to soap mixtures.[edit]

b. What makes soap float?[edit]

c. What makes soap hard?[edit]

6. Name four methods or formulas used in making soap transparent.[edit]

7. Name five uses of Quaternary ammonium compounds.[edit]

8. Carve an object from a bar of soap; decorate a bar of soap for a gift.[edit]

9. Complete a or b.[edit]

a. Obtain correspondence from soap-making firm about how soap is made.[edit]

b. Study and prepare from encyclopedia one to two pages explaining how soap is made.[edit]

10a. Explain two methods of making soap.[edit]

10b. Make a batch of soap by one of these methods.[edit]