Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Needlecraft

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Arts and Crafts
General Conference
Skill Level 2 Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: 1928

1. Do two of the following[edit]

a. Embroider one of the following: dresser scarf, pair of pillowcases, luncheon cloth, or other equivalent article.[edit]

b. Make a pillow cover or wall hanging, a set of four sachet pillows, or three tree ornaments out of any of the following methods[edit]

(1) Punch embroidery[edit]

(2) Candlewicking[edit]

(3) Crewel[edit]

c. Make a pillow cover, wall hanging, cover for chair, footstool, or piano bench in needlepoint or counted cross stitch.[edit]

d. Make an article using any of the following methods[edit]

(1) Applique[edit]

(2) Fagoting[edit]

(3) Smocking[edit]

(4) Shirring[edit]

(5) Swedish weaving on linen or huck toweling[edit]

2. Show articles you have made, using ten of the following stitches[edit]

a. Back[edit]

b. Blanket[edit]

c. Braid[edit]

d. Buttonhole[edit]

e. Roman[edit]

f. Chain[edit]

g. Cross[edit]

h. Feather[edit]

i. Fishbone Stem[edit]

j. French knot[edit]

k. Heavy chain[edit]

l. Herringbone[edit]

m. Lazy daisy[edit]

n. Long and short[edit]

o. Outline[edit]

p. Running[edit]

q. Satin[edit]

r. Split[edit]

s. Star filling[edit]

t. Stem[edit]

u. Whipping[edit]

3. Show the correct way of gathering lace and whipping it to hemmed edge.[edit]

4. Describe a satisfactory method of keeping your fancy-work equipment in good condition.[edit]