Adventist Youth Honors Answer Book/Arts and Crafts/Crocheting

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Arts and Crafts
General Conference
See also Crocheting - Advanced
Skill Level 2 Answer-Keys 06.jpg
Year of Introduction: 1970

1. Define and crochet the following: ST, SP, STS, RND, INCL, DEC, and INC.[edit]

ST, STS stitch, stitches
SP, SPS space, spaces
RND, RNDS round, rounds
INCL inclusive, including
INC increase
DEC decrease

2. Make squares of at least 20 stitches of the following: SC, DC, HDC, TR, and DTR.[edit]

means single crochet.
means double crochet.
means half-double crochet.
means triple crochet.
means double triple crochet.

3. Show how to measure stitch gauge or row gauge on sample squares.[edit]

4. Know how to care for items made out of wool, orlon, nylon, and cotton.[edit]

5. Know how to make a granny square, and show something you have made using a granny square, such as a hat, scarf, pillow cover, etc.[edit]

6. Show a sample of simple edging you have made out of thread.[edit]

7. Crochet one of the following out of yarn: hat, scarf, sleeveless sweater, or slippers.[edit]


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