Advanced Interactive Media/Project Directors/Job Description

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The Project Director manages a variety of tasks including scheduling for each production team and tracking progress to insure that deadlines are met. To keep things moving, this person stays one step ahead of the rest of the class and helps each team understand their most pressing tasks. The director is also responsible to suggest an interactive navigation flow for the project to the class, and, with input from every team leader, storyboard how various media formats can be used in the end product.

As concluded by the first project director in 2007, others in this role will probably discover that about 70% of their job is spent in Facebook messaging various people. The director will take notes during class discussions, log and keep track of important decisions and post this information on Facebook and/or the WikiBook after obtaining sign-offs from the professor, client museum, Creative Animation Inc. and team leaders. To insure that the product is completed on schedule, the director will assist the teacher in identifying team members not performing up to class standards.

It is suggested that the project director create a “how we did this.” Podcast for future Advanced Interactive Media Classes. This one minute Podcast should briefly explain the production process including supporting pictures. The project director also collects student biographies for the credits page.

Organization and attention to detail is the key to the project director's success.