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Adobe Media Player[edit]

Adobe Systems Inc. has released its new Adobe Media Player and has double use across the techy world. It allows users to playback video content when either online or offline. A preview example of the new player was at the NAB 2007 show, exhibitors were able to witness how the newest media player gives more personal video experiences to users while offering content publishers new abilities "to distribute, track, and build businesses around their media assets." The unveiling of Adobe’s Media Player and its offline multimedia playback versatility has seen amazing reviews by analists and system administrators as technologocal breakthrough, especially since no media players (read: Windows Media Player, Apple Quicktime, and RealPlayer) currently allow for user download, and integration between playback systems. Control is something that media companies desire the most. They are even leery about the release on the web. Adobe Media Player users will be able download it for free, thus gaining access to enhanced Flash playback, download and view content offline, full-screen resolution, viewer ratings and favorite feature that downloads the newest episodes of a user’s favorite Television shows or even podcasts. It will also be able to give users the ability to use the Web’s most popular video formats without browser limitations. Major technological deals are expected in the following months. The beta download of Adobe’s Media Player is scheduled later this year. A free download will come before the close of 2007.