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Library functions[edit | edit source]

Filtering of text files[edit | edit source]

This functionality is used for example in creating the extended booch components. It is also used in conjunction with AdaCL.CGI to create dynamic web pages.

String tools[edit | edit source]

A Get_Line which really works. Raw String I/O. Search and Replace in strings. A special string type with support for Internationalization.

Process control[edit | edit source]

Execution of external programs (inclusive redirection of standard input and standard output) Wait for a specific process on asynchronous execution. Read and Write to the process standard input and standard output. See os.html for more details.

Command line parsing[edit | edit source]

A high level command line parser for gnu style command lines.

A secount command line parser with support for internationalisation

CGI[edit | edit source]

A thick binding to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). This most complete of all Ada binding to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and the only binding to support file upload “multipart/form-data”.

Garbage collector[edit | edit source]

An optional thick binding to the Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector. Removes the need to deallocate memory.

Components[edit | edit source]

Extension kit for the Ada95 Booch Components. Stores limited objects. This too, eases up memory management.

Library links[edit | edit source]

Martin Krischik
Per Sandberg
Björn Persson
Olga Krischik
Project Info
SVN Archive

Sample code[edit | edit source]

Process control[edit | edit source]

This little tool triggers a rescan of the scsi bus on Linux system. I need it for the scanner and the USB Compact-Flash card reader which are both hot pluggable.

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