Ada Programming/Libraries/GNAT.Exception Traces

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package GNAT.Exception_Traces is

Type Summary

Trace_Kind Traceback_Decorator

Other Items: type Trace_Kind is

  --  Denotes the initial raise event for any exception occurrence, either—explicit or due to a specific language rule, within the context of a
  --  task or not.
  Unhandled_Raise—Denotes the raise events corresponding to exceptions for which there—is no user defined handler, in particular, when a task dies due to an—unhandled exception.

The following procedures can be used to activate and deactivate traces identified by the above trace kind values.

procedure Trace_On (Kind : in Trace_Kind);

Activate the traces denoted by Kind.

procedure Trace_Off;

Stop the tracing requested by the last call to Trace_On. Has no effect if no such call has ever occurred.

type Traceback_Decorator is access

 function (Traceback : Tracebacks_Array) return String;

The following provide the backtrace decorating facilities A backtrace decorator is a function which returns the string to be output for a call chain provided by way of a tracebacks array.

procedure Set_Trace_Decorator (Decorator : Traceback_Decorator);

Set the decorator to be used for future automatic outputs. Restore the default behavior (output of raw addresses) if the provided access value is null.

end GNAT.Exception_Traces;