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Library Functions[edit]

Excerpt from Homepage [1].

PolyORB aims at providing a uniform solution to build distributed applications; relying either on industrial-strength middleware standards such as CORBA, the Distributed System Annex of Ada 95, distribution programming paradigms such as Web Services, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), or to implement application-specific middleware.

Library links[edit]

see homepage.
Project Info
see homepage.
GIT Repository

Sample Code[edit]

If you are interested in some samples look over at the Programming:CORBA wikibook.

Compile and Install PolyORB[edit]

First you should read the INSTALL file which is provided with PolyORB. Most informations needed for compiling PolyORB are contained there.






You will need to download and install a complete set of MinGW tools. Including a current version of the GNAT compiler.

Refer to Installing chapter so see how to install MinGW.


You need to download and install a version of Python.


To use all functionality you should also install XML/Ada


Release Version[edit]

There is a bug in the makefiles of the release 1.1r (incorrect use of '/' and '\' in filenames) so this version will not compile with Windows.


The configure script needs the GNU find utility. The problem is that there is a find utility in C:\Windows\System32 as well. You have to make sure that configure will use the right version of FIND.EXE by making a local change to your PATH environment variable. It is not a good idea to make that change in your Windows setup.

Shared Library Support[edit]

Shared library support is much used from the team as static library. So if you compile from cvs you might be better off without --enable-shared.

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