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Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.

Library containers[edit | edit source]

  • Bags
  • Collections
    • Plain
    • Ordered
  • Dequeues
  • Graphs
    • Directed
    • Undirected
  • Lists
    • Single
    • Double
  • Maps
  • Queues
    • Plain
    • Ordered
  • Rings
  • Sets
  • Stacks
  • Trees
    • AVL
    • Binary
    • Multiway

Library links[edit | edit source]

Simon Wright
Project Info
CVS Archive

Sample code[edit | edit source]

Read the project tutorial for full detail.

with Ada.Calendar;
with Ada.Strings.Bounded;

package Cars is

   package Plate_Strings
     is new Ada.Strings.Bounded.Generic_Bounded_Length (10);
   subtype Plate_String is Plate_Strings.Bounded_String;

   package Model_Strings
     is new Ada.Strings.Bounded.Generic_Bounded_Length (32);
   subtype Model_String is Model_Strings.Bounded_String;

   type Car is 
         Plate : Plate_String;
         Model : Model_String;
         Registered : Ada.Calendar.Time;
      end record;

end Cars;
with BC.Containers.Collections.Bounded;
with Cars;
package My_Fleet_Combined is

   use type Cars.Car;

   package Abstract_Car_Containers 
     is new BC.Containers (Cars.Car);

   package Abstract_Car_Collections 
     is new Abstract_Car_Containers.Collections;

   package Fleets 
     is new Abstract_Car_Collections.Bounded (Maximum_Size => 30);

   The_Fleet : Fleets.Collection;

end My_Fleet_Combined;

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