Ada Programming/Libraries/Ada.Dispatching.EDF

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with Ada.Real_Time;
with Ada.Task_Identification;
package Ada.Dispatching.EDF is
  subtype Deadline is Ada.Real_Time.Time;
  Default_Deadline : constant Deadline :=
  procedure Set_Deadline (D : in Deadline;
              T : in Ada.Task_Identification.Task_Id :=
  procedure Delay_Until_And_Set_Deadline (
              Delay_Until_Time : in Ada.Real_Time.Time;
              Deadline_Offset : in Ada.Real_Time.Time_Span);
  function Get_Deadline (T : Ada.Task_Identification.Task_Id :=
              Ada.Task_Identification.Current_Task) return Deadline;
end Ada.Dispatching.EDF;

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