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The title given to this book is incorrect due to technical limitations. The correct title is Ada Programming/Delimiters/<>.

The box <> is a placeholder for something not (yet) fully specified.


  • In array declaration
type Some_Array is (Integer range <>) of Some_Type;

Declare an array type with bounds known only at runtime.

  • a type that has unknown discriminants
type T (<>) is private;
  • Generic declaration of a discrete type
  type T is (<>);

It means that T must be a discrete type: either an enumeration, a range, or a modular type.

  • component association in Ada 2005
Some_Rec_Type'(others => <>);
  • partial parameterization of generics in Ada 2005
  with package P is new G
     (Param_1 => T,
      others => <>);

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