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This is a short tutorial, in order to explain to the new users how to quickly add an article to the Acoustics Wikibook.

Before contributing[edit]

The first thing to do is to define the subject of your article. Please make sure that your subject is not already present on this Wikibook. You will also have to check the table of contents of the main page to determine the category (Fundamentals, Applications, ...) in which you want your article to appear. If you need to, it's also possible to create a new category.

How do I create my page ?[edit]

You will have to edit the main page of the Acoustics Wikibook (check the tabs on the top of the page). Then add a line in the chosen category, following the example of the existing links. Click "save page" and go back to the main page. You are to see the broken (red) link you've just created. Just click on it, and here you are. You've just created your first page, which is, for the moment, blank.

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The first step is to download this model, which is used for every single page's title.

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How do I add images to my page ?[edit]

You'll have to check the copyrights status of your file, then upload it (only generic domains). Add it to your page with the tool boxes, or by following an existing page's example.