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{{currencychoice}} allows people to create a version of an accountancy text in a different currency with a single edit.

Journal templates

[edit | edit source]

Simple bookkeeping journal

{{bookkeeping journal| name = General | page = 1 }}

An empty journal just takes the journal name and page number

General Journal  - Page 1
Date Description Post
Dr Cr
{{bookkeeping journal
| name = General
| page = 1
| entry =
{{bookkeeping entry| date = 2006<br/>Feb | day = 15 | description = Accounts Payable | dr = 100 }}
{{bookkeeping entry| description = Stock | cr = 80 }}
{{bookkeeping entry| description = Stationery | cr = 20 }}

A journal with entries takes the journal name, page number and the entries. All fields of a bookkeeping entry are optional. cr is short for credit account and dr is short for debit account.

This is the result:

General Journal  - Page 1
Date Description Post
Dr Cr
15 Accounts Payable   100  
  Stock     80
  Stationery     20

The templates are:

  • bookkeeping journal - basically the table with the column headers and captain Name Journal - Page n.
  • bookkeeping entry - passed as the parameter to bookkeeping journal, any number of them can be passed. Takes date, day, description, post, dr and cr. All parameters are optional and leave an empty column when not set. "dr" and "cr" are short for debit and credit entry respectively.