Abstract Algebra/Groups/Guideline for Editors

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Hmm. Since I am very new to editing, when I come to this section, I would be glad to see pointers for editing.
So I make one. Everyone is welcome to improve it. This page should be concise and organised.--Arydye001 (talk) 15:18, 18 July 2010 (UTC)


1. Bite Size

Not too much on a page
~ One page for each theorem.
Too much on a page terrifies beginners (like me).
Not too few on a page
Many pages means more clicking, even if they are cross-linked

2. Color

Proofs are long. Black and white proofs look even longer.
Type HTML Latex
Variable 1 Blue
Variable 2 Green
Inverse of Variable 2 FireBrick
Heading of Section in Proof Sienna


Add {{BookCat}} to end of all pages


1. Numbering of Equations
Equation numbering template seems not on wikibook.