Abstract Algebra/Group Theory/How to Help

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Hi! Thank you for your interest in contributing to this section.

General Directions

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1. Bite Size
One Page, One Theorem
Small and Well-written.
2. Coloured Proofs
Type HTML Latex
Variable 1 Blue
Variable 2 Green
Inverse of Variable 2 FireBrick
Heading of Section in Proof Sienna
3. Proof Diagrams
  • 180px x 180px
  • 3px lines make dashes visible
  • Prefer Inkscape .svg format (so others can edit it)
1. Group G has an identity eG.
2. eG*c = c*eG = c if c is in Group G
4. Common Symbols
Meaning Symbol
Group G
Subgroup H
1st Operation
2nd Operation
Identity of Group G eG


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