A Tale of Two Cities/Characters

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Illustration of Dr. Manette and Lucie with Charles Darnay.

Listed alphabetically by surname (where possible)

  1. Sydney Carton
    At the beginning of the novel, Sydney Carton was a drunkard who did not have any real goals in life. While his physical resemblance to Charles Darnay is astounding, he is, at the beginning at least, his opposite. However, Carton's genuine love for Lucie Manette cause him to selflessly give up his own life to help Lucie, thereby rising him to a moral status that is higher than his physical counterpart.
  2. Charles Darnay
    Charles Darnay is a member of the Evremonde family. He renounces his future title of the Marquis, and tries to convince his family to stop being so cruel to the people of the country. We first see Darnay after he has moved to England and is being tried for treason. He later becomes a Tutor and marries Lucie Mannette. He is often considered the main protagonist.
  3. Lucie Manette Darnay- daughter of Doctor Manette.
  4. Madame Therese Defarge
    A cruel and heartless woman, Madame Defarge embodies and epitomises the cruelty and relentlessness of the peasants in the revolution. She coldly knits names into a register of people who are doomed to die for the revolution. Defarge eventually dies symbolically by her own gun
  5. Monsieur Ernest Defarge
    Monsieur Ernest Defarge was the husband of Madame Therese Defarge
  6. Monseigneur the Marquis St. Evremonde
    Monseigneur the Marquis is part of the Evremonde family and has inherited the title of Marquis. He is the uncle of Charles Darnay and is very cruel to the people in his country. His cruelty is shown when he runs over a child in the street and gives a coin as compensation to the father. He is killed by a Revolutionist.
  7. Gaspard
  8. Jarvis Lorry
  9. Miss Pross
  10. C.J. Stryver