A Guidebook for Managing Telecentre Networks/Figures, Boxes and Tables

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Figures, Boxes and Tables

Figure 1.1 A description of a telecentre ecosystem
Figure 1.2 Network strategies and other telecentre.org program pillars
Figure 4.1 Internal Communication Cycle
Figure 4.2 Telecentre Network Communications Platform
Figure 6.1 The Telecentre Community Ecosystem
Figure 8.1 A Description of the Evaluation Process
Figure 8.2 Line of Intention or Program Theory of the Telecentre Network
Figure 10.1 Key Elements for Networking Strategy
Figure 10.2 A Representation of a 2-D Network
Figure_10.3 A representation of a 3-D or spatial network
Box 1.1 The telecentre.org Community Fact Sheet
Box 4.1 Communication Strategy Template
Box 5.1 Achieving institutional sustainability: the Brazil Community program
Box 5.2 Growing the market for telecentres: Cooking school (and other services)
Box 6.1 An online portal of input services directory developed by telecentres in Bangladesh
Box 6.2 Telecentres of Business and Information (TBI), Brazil.
Box 7.1 The Telecentre Times: a case for international collaboration among networks
Box 10.1 Examining an example of aggregating and enabling networks
Table 4.1 A simplified example of how the operational elements from a communications strategy can be described