A Guide To PIC Microcontroller Documentation/Section 2 - Processor-family based guide to documentation

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Detailed analysis of controller family documentation[edit]

In this section we will be taking an in depth look at the main documentation for one controller out of each PIC microcontroller family. In each case the key documents will be listed and then the datasheet will be analysed chapter by chapter to highlight the information that is provided, and how related information can be found in the cases where the documentation is rather sparse.

In each case we will select a device that is the largest in its class in terms of performance, memory and number of peripherals. All other devices in that family will contain a sub-section of the information contained in the analysed device. There is a lot of similarity between families, and therefore there will be lots of repetition between chapters here, but since each engineer only focusses on one family or device at one time this method of documenting the datasheets here should prove to be most beneficial to the reader.

Base-line device documentation[edit]

Mid-range device documentation[edit]

Enhanced mid-range documentation[edit]

High-end device documentation[edit]

16-bit MCU device documentation[edit]

16-bit DSC device documentation[edit]

32-bit device documentation[edit]

Further reading[edit]